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In our catalog you will find all the blasting equipment, including their specifications, accessories (nozzles, hoses, guns, extensions) and aids for safety and protection when working with blasting machines.

The catalog also contains everything you need for specific blasting equipment, spare parts, including technical parameters, etc.

You don’t know how to choose the right accessories for the concreting machine, a spare part, or have you found information that interests you?

Technical specifications of machines

Case study │ Food industry

Lives are at stake in the food industry. Bakeries, dairies, meat processors and dozens of other establishments produce thousands of tons of food every day, meanwhile they strive to ensure perfect sanitation of their production lines. All it takes is microscopic, imperceptible contamination and the consequences can be tragic: severe food poisoning, severe allergic reactions, health problems.

While industrial cleaning with dry ice is still being introduced to us, it is an established standard abroad.

By applying dry ice, food companies save thousands of hours a year and ensure the effective removal of pathogens from their operations. Read a case study of how dry ice affects dirty surfaces in production equipment.

Experimental study │ Sublimation of dry ice

Dry ice is an indispensable substance for those who work with food. It is used both for their production itself, as well as for storage and transportation (including professional catering). Among other things, it is also needed in other related areas, such as winemaking. Trouble-free storage of frozen or chilled food is crucial not only for large warehouses of shops, hotels and restaurants, but also for staff providing refreshments on trains and planes. The use of dry ice is very suitable for these purposes, because dry ice does not melt (there is no danger of getting wet and spoiling the goods) and it cannot contain any germs.

Dry ice is available in the form of cubes or pellets and has a surface temperature of -78C°. As dry ice evaporates, it displaces oxygen and cools. Special care must be taken when handling dry ice. How much dry ice should you include in your shipment?