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Small powerful package IC 022 EVO for gentle cleaning.

Discover a new dimension of disinfection of surfaces from bacteria, mold, spores, yeast or other biological substances with IC 022 EVO with minimal consumption of compressed air.


Dry ice blasting has never been more affordable, discover a new dimension of dry ice cleaning, available for individual workshops, car dealers, car repair shops, but also the smallest production or maintenance operations in any industry.

The unique design of the IC 022 EVO surprises with its flexibility and performance. The maintenance-free and patented dosing system of ICS uses the smallest amount of compressed air, it works reliably from a pressure of 4 bar and 0.8 m3/min. Consumption of dry ice pellets is 18-24 kg/hour.

The unique design of the IC 022 EVO will surprise you with its flexibility, performance and efficiency. The maintenance-free dosing system works with 1.5 mm as well as 3 mm pellets. The excellent design of the machine enables easy handling everywhere, including operations with confined spaces. Every user will quickly master the simple operation.

The IC 022 EVO blasting device easily handles a whole range of different cleaning jobs. IC 022 EVO, equipped with a unique dosing system, offers unrivaled performance and cleaning efficiency.

Examples of use

Technical parameters

Dimensions Consumption Weight
Length: 528 mm Dry ice: up to 24 kg/h Empty machine: 19 kg with hose
Width: 296mm Compressed air: 0.8 m³/min. depending on the used nozzle and pressure and a gun
Height: 336 mm compressed air
Work pressure Inlet pressure Hopper capacity
2-8 bar 4 – 10 bar 4 kg
Material Chassis
laminate body, chassis: stainless steel stainless steel
Compressed air Noise level ISO 8573-1:2010 [1:4:1]
Connection: NW 7.2 coupling, acc. ISO 65 – 85 dB(A) depends on the jet pressure and 0.1 mg/m³ Particles Class: 1
4414/EN 983 standard surface of the blasted object DTP 3°C Water Class 4
Requirements: clean, oil free, dry without 0.01 mg/m³ Class 1 oil 1

Machine parameters

  • Product
    IC 022, IC 022 PLUS
  • Category
    Dry ice blasting machines
  • Material
    Laminate body, stainless steel chassis
  • Weight
    Low weight: only 19 kg
  • Hopper capacity
    4 kg
  • Air consumption