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All-round helper IC 110 E.

Electric single-hose dry ice blasting machine with very low compressed air consumption.


IC 110 E is a medium variant of ICS professional devices for use in lower working pressures up to 10 bar with exceptional performance, cleaning power while maintaining minimal costs for the cleaning process. Due to its construction, it is intended for companies for their own maintenance of operating equipment, tools or molds.

Its uniqueness lies in the consumption of compressed air, from 0.3 m3/min, which makes it unrivaled in its class, it has a patented dosing system with smooth regulation of pellets and a digital indicator of consumption up to 60 kg/hour.

Compressed air pressure regulation and a pass-through system in the hopper neck are a matter of course in the IC 110 E, the hopper capacity is up to 17 kg. The ergonomically shaped IG-10-E blasting gun allows blasting even in inaccessible places, it can be supplemented with a Flex Fit ball head, which significantly increases the flexibility and accessibility of the cleaning process.

The casing of the machine is standardly made of stainless steel, thanks to its dimensions and weight it is easy to handle in the areas of operations and production processes. In combination with the Flex-Case 2 nozzle set case, the IC 110 E device will meet even the most demanding user expectations.

Examples of use

Technical parameters

Dimensions Consumption Weight
Length: 597 mm Dry ice: 0-60 kg/h Empty machine: 51 kg
Width: 446mm Compressed air: 0.5 – 4.5 m³/min. v (without nozzle.hose)
Height: 931 mm depends on the used nozzle
Work pressure Material: Hopper capacity
max 10 bar stainless steel. steel 17 kg
Connections Noise level
Compressed air: cross coupling DIN 3489 60 – 120 dB(A) depends on the jet pressure,
4414/EN 983 standard surface of the jetted object and nozzles
Electrical: 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz, CEE 7/4
Type F

Machine parameters

  • Product
    IC 110 E
  • Category
    Dry ice blasting machines
  • Material
    Stainless steel
  • Weight
    51 kg
  • Hopper capacity
    17 kg
  • Air consumption
    0,5m³/min – 4,5 m³/min