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Strong helper IC 310.

High-performance single-hose dry ice blasting machine designed for demanding applications in the operating pressure range between 1-16 bar.


The IC310 professional dry ice blasting machine is primarily intended for removing coarse and hard-to-remove dirt using 3mm pellets. The patented pellet dosing solution works reliably without any loss of working pressure. In this way, you will make maximum use of its parameters, with continuous regulation you can set the working pressure in the range of 1-16 bar.

IC 310 as well as other ICS devices have a built-in flow system in the hopper neck as standard, our machines do not freeze. The stainless steel hopper contains 17 kg of pellets, special insulation eliminates the formation of condensate.

The elaborate pipe and hose system eliminates damage to the pellets during air flow, as well as the precisely designed jet nozzles multiply the speed of the pellet flow before they hit the cleaned area. The ergonomically shaped spray gun is very durable and safe, easy to use.

It can be supplemented with LED lighting. IC 310 is supplied from 7 m as standard. with a jet hose that you can easily extend to the desired length. The all-stainless design of the frame and casing of the machine predetermines a long service life in difficult conditions, it is easy to handle, the weight of the device is only 75 kg. The IC 310 device will convince you with its power for professional use in demanding cleaning processes.

Examples of use

Technical parameters

Dimensions Consumption Weight
Length: 565mm Dry ice: 0-100 kg/h Empty machine: 70 kg
Width: 387 mm Compressed air: 1.0-12.0 m³/min. v (without nozzle.hose)
Height: 795 mm (1007 with handle) depends on the used nozzle
Work pressure Material: Hopper capacity
1-16 bar stainless steel, steel 13 kg
Connections Noise level
Compressed air: cross coupling DIN 3489 60 – 120 dB(A) depends on the jet pressure,
4414/EN 983 standard surface of the jetted object and nozzles
Electricity: 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz, CEE
7/4, Type F

Machine parameters

  • Product
    IC 310, IC 310 PLUS
  • Category
    Dry ice blasting machines
  • Material
    Stainless steel
  • Weight
    75 kg
  • Hopper capacity
    13 kg
  • Work pressure
    1-16 bar