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Hydraulic pelletizer in compact design.

The IP100H hydraulic pelletizer produces high-quality dry ice pellets (1.5mm/3mm/16mm), which increase efficiency and reduce cleaning costs.


Using the IP 100 H hydraulic device, you can ensure your own production of high-quality dry ice pellets in the required quantity, at the right place and at any time. If you regularly consume a large amount of pellets, making your own dry ice has many advantages.

Sublimation losses occur when transporting dry ice over long distances. During storage and transportation, dry ice not only loses weight, but also reduces its quality due to condensation of ambient moisture. At the same time, liquid CO2 can be stored in a reservoir without loss at the production site. When blasting with dry ice, the quality of the dry ice significantly affects the cleaning result!

The IP 100 H hydraulic pelletizer in a compact version produces 3 types of high-quality dry ice pellets. In the higher version, it is supplied with three replaceable dies for the production of 1.5 mm, 3 mm and 16 mm dry ice pellets.

The modern pellet production process is electronically controlled, SIEMENS LOGO! 8 can also be controlled with the possibility of remote diagnostics, which reduces the service and operating costs of the device. Intuitive control and a digital information display complement the professional redesign of the device.

The powerful hydraulic unit with a massive cylinder is specially made by a renowned manufacturer of units, sufficient capacity reserve ensures long-term operation.

The external heat exchanger multiplies the efficiency of pellet production, the production capacity of the IP 100 H is 120-130 kg/hour for the production of 3 mm dry ice pellets. The compact dimensions of the device require minimal operating space. Become independent with your own production, increase your profitability and deliver dry ice in your neighborhood.

Examples of use

Technical parameters

Dimensions Consumption Weight
Length: 795 mm Compressed air: 258-288 l/h 500 kg
Width: 1060mm CO2 connection: 3/4” AG (IP-100-H),
Height: 1500 mm 1“ AG (Heat Exchanger)
Hydraulic unit Power supply: Operating pressure
Capacity 50 l 380V/ 50-60 Hz/ 32A CEE-6h/ IEC60309 max 21 bar
Quantity ex. ice Noise CO2 pressure
120 kg/h 60-85 dB(A) 16 – 21 bar
Pellets: 1.5 mm /3 mm /16 mm

Machine parameters

  • Product
    ICE Peletizer IP 100-H
  • Category
    Machines for the production of dry ice
  • Material
    Massive steel frame
  • Weight
    500 kg
  • Production
    120 kg/h
  • Pressure
    max 21 bar