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Production of custom-made single-purpose devices.

With our scope, we try to offer new solutions for a wide range of customers in the best possible quality. Our goal is to continuously improve the quality of turnkey solutions on agreed delivery dates and at reasonable prices. We design integrated systems individually according to specific customer requirements.

Our own design and development department prepares tailor-made solutions for various areas of industry – it provides all phases from design, construction, own production, automation, to debugging, start-up and maintenance of technology or automatic lines.

Automated solutions

Achieve greater efficiency and reduce costs with integrated, tailor-made solutions. Integrated dry ice blasting systems provide efficient. A solution with minimum space requirements and maximum performance. Automated systems allow continuous cleaning with dry ice. Solutions are customized and designed specifically for a specific application.

Robotization and automation

  • New solutions for customers
    Automated solutions
  • Higher efficiency, lower costs
    Robotization and automation
  • Integrated jetting systems
    Continuous cleaning
  • Turnkey solutions
    Acceptable prices
  • Individual design
    According to the customer's request
  • Agreed delivery date
    The best quality